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  • Developer: CPUID
  • Genre: System monitor
  • Version: 1.45
User Rating: Rating 4.32

Free HWMonitor for Windows PC

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Release Date
Nov 3, 2009
System monitor
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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Download HWMonitor for Windows and Mac

Elizabeth Morgan

HWMonitor is a free application for Windows 10 operating system that monitors the temperature, voltage, fan speeds of system's hardware components. Goal of application download HWMonitor is to allow users to see vital information about system and hardware components. It is a great tool to use as a diagnostics tool. Software HWMonitor computer is a must-have for those who want to have a better understanding of computer.


Interface of application is not overwhelming. It is clean and easy to understand. Application displays scrolling pages of information about your computer. You can customize information displayed by selecting tabs at top. You can choose to display information about your CPU, hard drives, or even your GPU. Interface of HWMonitor Linux presents a list of temperatures, voltage, fan speeds, as well as a list of sensors, that are monitored by application. Readings are displayed in tabular format; soft displays readings in graphical form. Interface of HWMonitor Windows 10 application is clean and straightforward. There are three main areas of window where users can see all of information on system. First area is the lower middle section which has system summary information. Second area is upper section where application displays information about memory, network, disk, etc. Third section is on right side of window, which displays temperatures. Interface of application HWMonitor is designed with a lot of colorful and contrasting elements. It has a blue and black theme and it's easy to navigate through soft find desired information. Information is organized in tabs, each tab has a set of charts and graphs that can be accessed with a single click.


Application is very easy to use. Simply click on tab for the type of information you are interested in. You can customize this information by clicking on customize tab at top. Software provides ability to saves readings of hard components to CSV for further analysis. Application HWMonitor app can display readings in graphical form, which is useful for visually displaying readings. It is easy to navigate through application. Color schemes are well-arranged, which makes application look clean. Software is easy to use, not over complicated, doesn't require any additional knowledge.


Product has a wide range of functionality. You can customize your system's settings, see how much power your computer is drawing, monitor temperature of your computer's hardware, monitor status of your hard drives. HWMonitor download free offers variety of system monitoring apps, including different types of graphs displaying readings. Application provides ability to save readings of hardware components to CSV format for further analysis. Application HWMonitor provides many of information about hardware, like how much time CPU was in use, name of motherboard, CPU, temperatures, RAM, graphics card, hard disk, other devices.


Software has a wide range of support documentation. You can find help articles for application on HWMonitor website. There is a forum, an online chat and contact form for those who want to ask questions. Сompany website offers a lot of information about HWMonitor free download application. 


  • Does this app really work?
    Yes, it does. Software HWMonitor install is open source, so you can check code yourself.
  • Why are there two apps?
    One handles CPU, fan, GPU, HDD, motherboard, voltages, temperatures, and other sensors, while other has a graphical interface for all of them.
  • Why doesn't soft show correct CPU temperature?
    Some Android devices have multiple CPU cores, in which case CPU temperature may be higher than average.


Overall, free application use HWMonitor for Windows 10 OS that monitors ,voltage temperature, fan speeds of system's hardware components. Program offers a variety of system monitoring tools, including different types of graphs for displaying the readings.


  • The app is free and provides a lot of information for free;
  • It is easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface;
  • The app is compatible with Windows and Mac.


  • The app does not offer a live update feature;
  • It is not compatible with Linux.

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